Contra College 2017
c/o David Buesch
109 Murray Court
Redwood City, CA 94061

Email Address

Phone Number
650 257 7214

Sponsored By
Bay Area Country Dance Society

In Collaboration With
North Bay Country Dance Society
Traditional Dancers of Santa Cruz


Registration for Contra College 2017 is now open!

Contra College – Regular session

Please download the registration form, print it out, fill it out, and send it with your check made payable to BACDS to the address at left (also on the form).

Register by January 20, 2017 for our $100 early bird price. Registrations postmarked after that date pay our $125 regular price.

Some financial assistance is available; so don't let finances stop you from attending, learning, and sharing!

Registrations will be accepted in the order received. New dancers will be given priority if there is a waiting list.

Contra College - Dance Angels

Dance Angels are invited to join Contra College, but please be sure that this is the best role for you and the regular college attendees.

Please download the registration form for Dance Angels, print it out, fill it out (including the affirmations), and send it with your check made payable to BACDS to the address at left (also on the form).

The cost of the weekend ranges from $125 for the full weekend to $40 for an instructional block. These contributions help cover the proportional amount of teaching, music, dancing, meals and snacks, and entrance to the Palo Alto Saturday night and Contra College Graduation afternoon dances. As with regular attendees, some financial assistance is available, which can be used toward the flexible registration.

Full weekend registration by January 20, 2017 is $100 early bird price, and full registration postmarked after that date pay our $125 regular price. If you cannot attend full time, then the minimum cost is $40, or pay proportionally to the time attended. There is no early registration discount for partial attendance.

If you have any questions regarding the roles or contributions of Dance Angels, please contact David Buesch (Organizer).

Callers’ Workshop (independent study)

The Callers’ Workshop is offered through Contra College. However, it is an independent program and registration is separate from that of the regular session of the college. The Callers' Workshop is scheduled during the lunch period on Saturday, so any College attendee can also attend this Workshop.

Registration for the Callers’ Workshop is $20.

Please download the registration form for the Callers’ Workshop, print it out, fill it out, and send it with your check made payable to BACDS to the address at left (also on the form).

If you have questions on registration (or anything else) for Contra College or the Callers’ Workshop, you can e-mail us.

Cancellation policy

If after registering you need to cancel your registration, please let us know as soon as possible. If you cancel at least two weeks prior to the dance weekend — by Saturday, February 25, 2017 — we will refund your registration fee, less a $15 administrative processing charge. If you cancel after February 25, and we can fill your place from the waiting list, we will also refund your registration fee, less the $15 charge. However, if you cancel after February 25 and we cannot fill your place, we cannot refund your fee.

If you need to cancel your registration, please send an email to the Registrar with information about (1) who is cancelling, (2) the reason why, and (3) how to contact you.

Palo Alto Contra Dance - Policies and Procedures

A collaborative and friendly community:

Contra dances are run by volunteers who value community and strive to provide the best experience for all dancers. We are always in need of more help – more volunteers with food, management, door- sitting and so forth. Anything you can do to help make the dance fun for all, safe and friendly helps. We encourage you to talk to newcomers who are sitting alone, share any concerns you have with the management, clean up after yourself, listen to announcements, and to remember that we are all volunteers here. Following the instructions of the management is also essential.


The Contra College weekend focuses on the learning experiences of dancers. Any dancer, regardless of age, is welcome to register. We ask that youth joining in the activities be able to focus on the instruction and fully participate.

During dances which are open to the public, as with other Palo Alto Contra Dance events, we welcome parents to bring their children - the next generation of dancers is growing up now! Please make sure that all children stay on the upper floor of the building, since we do not pay rent for lower story access. Make sure they have age-appropriate supervision and do not run between the dancers (for everyone’s safety). Their names should also be on the sign-in sheet, whether or not they dance.

A Fragrance-free environment:

We attempt to minimize artificial fragrances at BACDS events because some of our dancers are affected by these chemicals, which make it hard for them to dance. Please refrain from wearing perfumes or other unnecessary scents and if you bring friends, it’s great if you can ask them to do so also.

No smoking:

The First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto is a smoke-free facility. Please do not smoke in the buildings or in the patio area under the windows, since the smoke will drift up and into the hallway. Please go out to a sidewalk if you need to smoke.

No alcohol or drugs:

The First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto is an alcohol and drug free facility. Please do not jeopardize our contract with the church by drinking alcohol or using drugs during a dance. Contra dance can be complex and challenging, so most dancers find that it is easier to dance while unimpaired. It is also easier to dance with partners and neighbors who are sober, so please refrain from attending dances while intoxicated.

Harassment Policy:

The Bay Area Country Dance Society does not condone or permit any behavior at its events that intentionally harms, intimidates, or harasses any participant, be it physically, sexually, or emotionally. Anyone who feels harassed, intimidated, or threatened is encouraged to speak to the dance manager or another member of the organizing committee as soon as possible. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone whose behavior has been judged by the BACDS Board or by the event manager to be disruptive, harassing, or dangerous.