Balance the Bay 2017 Schedule
August 11-13, 2017 in San Francisco, CA

2017 Schedule!

Friday night6:30pmHall opens
7:30-9:00pmcontraMaivish + Luke Donforth
9:00-9:15pmcouple dancingMaivish
9:30-11:15pmcontraGreat Bear + Sarah VanNorstrand
11:00-11:15pmcouple dancingGreat Bear
Saturday morning9:30-10:00amcouple dancingMaivish
10:00-11:15amcontra - Beg, Borrow & StealMaivish + Luke Donforth
10:30-11:45ammusic workshop - Contra Dance MusicAndrew VanNorstrand
11:15-11:45amcontra medleyMaivish + both callers
11:45am-1:00pmLunch on your own
Saturday afternoon1:00-2:45pmcontra - Timing, Tempo & TwirlsGreat Bear + Sarah VanNorstrand
1:30-2:45pmmusic workshop - Dance Band ImmersionMaivish
3:00-4:45pmcontra - Worth the WalkthroughGreat Bear + Luke Donforth
3:00-4:00pmAlexander Technique workshopJaige Trudel
4:45-5:45pmwaltz workshopTBD + Luke Donforth
4:45-5:45pmInstant Choir - group singingTony Elman
6:00pmSaturday catered dinner on-site
Saturday nightContra Party - theme: Around the World
7:15-7:45pmfireplace concertMaivish
7:45-9:15pmcontraMaivish + Sarah VanNorstrand
9:15-9:45pmdessert break
9:45-11:15pmcontraGreat Bear + Luke Donforth
Sunday morning10:00-10:30amcouple dancingGreat Bear
10:30am-nooncontra - Flow & Glide ContrasGreat Bear + Sarah VanNorstrand
noon-12:30pmfireplace concertAndrew & Noah
12:30-1:45pmLunch on your own
Sunday afternoon1:45-3:00pmcontraMaivish + Sarah VanNorstrand
3:15-4:30pmcontraMaivish + Luke Donforth

CounterBalance Contra
7:00-10:00pm Contra dance open to the public

The CounterBalance contra is open to the public and will be held in the same hall as Balance the Bay. Invite your friends!! Featuring both bands and both callers.

Admission to this dance *is* included with a full Balance the Bay weekend registration.