BACDS Family Week at Monte Toyon!

Camp for Summer ’23 was a blast! Save the date for Camp in ’24:

Sunday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 29th, 2024

View the preliminary 2023 camp schedule here and check for updates occasionally.

People of all ages run in lines with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. Moving as human rail road trains.
Everybody plays games at Roundup

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What campers have to say about BACDS Family Week Dance Camp:

“This is the best camp for kids I’ve ever seen—and it’s wonderful for adults too! My kids grew so much in self confidence. They loved camp.”

“BACDS Family Week isn’t just about “Dance”… it’s 6 days of community, immersion & sheer joy of art, song, movement, children & people.”

“This camp creates a family around & with your own family. It is togetherness, fun, heart-full & a blast for all ages!”

“The best week out of my year.” (video link)

“I liked dancing and making friends.”

“Such a joy to see my children shine in such an appreciative setting.”

“Family Camp is absolutely unequalled for its ability to teach a variety of skills in dance, music, craft & games in a fun and supportive environment that strengthens family bonds and creates strong friendship which can last through childhood and through life. We are all better at our life work for having spent time at camp.”

Helping hands make this new skill a breeze

“An amazing experience! The young adults who have grown up at this camp are evidence of a very special community.”

“I feel blessed that I can give myself and my son the experience of such a joyful, loving, fun community.”

“Camp is nice, really so nice”

“Everyone is welcome & by the end of the week, its like family.”

“This camp, at first I though it was going to be weird, but now that it’s the last day, I realize I loved it. Loved it <3!”

“Community, sharing, music, dance, play – you can almost watch people grow.”

Bedtime for the little ones

This is a crash course in the positive aspects of music, dance, family & community.”

“Family Camp is the best of what family can be. Thank you all! For all your hard work.”

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