Balance the Bay 2019 Schedule
August 9-11, 2019 in San Francisco, CA


Friday night6:30pmHall opens
7:00-7:30pmCouple DancingElixir
7:30-9:15pmContraElixir, Cis Hinkle calling
9:30-11:15pmContraFaux Paws, Dana Parkinson calling
Saturday9:00amHall opens (breakfast items available)
9:30-10:00amCouple DancingFaux Paws
10:00-12:30pmContraFaux Paws + Cis Hinkle
11:15-12:30pmSwing Singing Workshop Brian Bender
12:30-2:00pmLunch on your own, food trucks expected on site
12:30-1:15pmFamily Dance - Open to the PublicMusic by dancers
2:00-2:30pmContra MedleyElixir + Cis & Dana calling
2:30-3:45pmBand WorkshopFaux Paws
2:30-5:00pmContra - special session with Lark/Robin role terms (More Info Here)Elixir + Dana Parkinson
5:00-6:00pmSing-along (bring your instruments)Lynn, Claire, Todd
6:00pmCatered dinner on-site
Saturday Night7:10-7:40pmConcert (in dance hall)Elixir
Contra Party - theme: It's All Happening at the Zoo
7:45-9:15pmContraFaux Paws + Cis Hinkle
9:15-9:45pmDessert break
9:45-11:15pmContraElixir + Dana Parkinson
Sunday9:30amHall opens (breakfast items available)
10:00-10:30amCouple dancingElixir
10:30-12:30pmContraElixir + Cis Hinkle
12:30-1:30pmLunch on your own, food trucks expected on site
1:30-2:00pmConcert (in dining hall)Faux Paws
2:00-4:30pmContraFaux Paws + Dana Parkinson
Sunday Night7:00-10:00pmCounterBalance Contra Party - Open to the Public (6:30 Beginner's Lesson)Elixir, Cis Hinkle Calling

The Sunday night contra is open to the public and will be held in the same hall as Balance the Bay. Invite your friends!!

Admission to this dance is included with a full Balance the Bay weekend registration.