BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 1-6, 2018

Dance Workshops

Wall to Wall Dancing and Other Fun!

Here’s the Tentative Daily Schedule Grid (what’s happening and when)

evening dance

Waltzes Before Breakfast: Start the day floating with this glorious traditional way to wait for breakfast to be served—check out our waltz music CDs from past years! Come and dance, or bring your instrument and join us playing original waltz compositions in an open band along with other campers and members of our camp staff. Music so magical that we’ve released three CDs recorded at camp, performed by staff and campers!

Contra Dances and More with Gaye Fifer and Sarah VanNorstrand: Dances that have shaken up the contra choreography world in some fashion. Whether the first of its kind, or a reimagining of an old favorite, these dances feature the creativity and continual shifting of the contra scene.

Waltz & Couple Dancing with Gaye Fifer: Waltzing is not only about fancy moves and twirls, but first and foremost, about connecting with the music and with your partner. Teaching focuses on the skills and nuances of aware, timely leading and responsive following.

Dutch Crossing with Gaye Fifer: This challenging and deceptively simple dance is a favorite each year. Moves you know with orientation challenges for 16 dancers per group. Teaching and dancing in 1-1/2 hours. Super fun!

Dance Choreography with Kelsey Hartman: Using the basics learned from other nationally known choreographers’ workshops in the past, Kelsey will work with the camper choreographers to create a new dance a day.

CommuniContra with Sarah VanNorstrand: How do dancers communicate with each other? How can we become better partners, neighbors and community dancers while elevating our own dance experience? We’ll explore the topic through dancing, with a few experiments and games.

Dance Flourishes with Laura Gorrin: How to safely add flourish and flair to dance moves in waltz and contra.

Callers’ Workshop with Gaye Fifer: Learn how to call a dance or improve on your calling by doing it!

Stretch/Pilates with Jean Gibson-Gorrindo: Explore different modalities aimed at strengthening and lengthening, fine-tuning your body awareness, and keeping your body happy and healthy during this action-packed week.

Traditional Crafts with Rachel Olguin: Make a beautiful custom-sculpted Mardi Gras leather mask, molded to your face for a perfect fit, then paint with vibrant acrylics and dyes to add detail and personality. Sew a simple fun dancing skirt made from bandanas or scarves. Fun, colorful, and perfect for whirling and twirling.

Photography of Camp with David Buesch: Develop photographic skills and an eye to capture in those beautiful “split second” moments during dancing, making music, crafting, relaxing, and the stillness of redwoods.

Late Night Activities with Fun For All: If you don’t feel like turning in early, the Perkins Party Playhouse is the place to be. Snacks, dancing, music jamming, games, crafting, and general fun among friends.

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I enjoyed camp and thought the bands were superb. I especially liked campers being able to play with members of the bands regardless of our experience. Dancing with people who are skilled was also a great experience. The standard is so high that improving [camp] would be very difficult.

- Ken Blackwood, Alberta, Canada