BACDS American Dance and Music Week — July 3-8, 2011 BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 3-8, 2011

Music, Music, Music Workshops

Whether you learn by ear or notation, bring your instruments and voice to participate in focused music workshops all day long, or kick back and join a like-minded pick-up group and jam. Both daily classes and special one-time sessions are planned.

See the draft Schedule Grid (PDF); subject to change, of course.

Preliminary list of Music Sessions & Workshops

Old Time Fiddling with Rhys Jones and Accompaniment with John Herrmann (banjo, guitar, bass). Bring out the best in your old time playing with two masters of the genre.

Explore The Secrets of DADGAD Guitar with Adam Broome. Learn why and how that Irish accompaniment sounds so cool!

Playing Flute for Contras—tips from flautists extraordinaire Erik Weberg and Nicholas Williams.

Explore Irish Fiddle Technique and tips for accompanists with Cleek Schrey. You'll see why Cleek is sought out as a teacher all over the East Coast.

Follow Fiddle with Focus with Jaige Trudel. Get the most for your effort when you pick up your fiddle. All levels welcome!

Join George Paul, “The King of Contra Funk,” to corral those random notes, funky rhythms, and harmonies-in-your-head and Write That Tune! Your composition will be transcribed to share with your band- mates and bring into your home community.

Investigate New Ways to Listen to Music with Nicholas Williams. This was a rave class at Pinewoods last year. You know more than you thought you knew, and there's more than you know. A special class for any and all.

And Avant Gardeners Laura Light and George Paul will conduct the infamous Camper Band Workshop. Don't miss this chance to gather musicianship tips from some of the most respected dance musicians in the country!

Hey, 4 for 3
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I enjoyed camp and thought the bands were superb. I especially liked campers being able to play with members of the bands regardless of our experience. Dancing with people who are skilled was also a great experience. The standard is so high that improving [camp] would be very difficult.

- Ken Blackwood, Alberta, Canada

Clarinet Player