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BACDS Spring Fever Dance Weekend
March 15 - 17, 2013

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NEWS: Coming for the Community Band?  Print out the music; listen to midi files of the tunes!

Photo courtesy of Dan Vilter

Break out of the Winter doldrums with "Spring Fever" - a high-energy weekend of hot Contras, exuberant English country dance, and exhilarating music that is sure to bring on that elusive dancer's high.

This year we return to our widely acclaimed multi-track format - it's like 3 complete camps side by side.  You can follow all Contra, all English, mix it up, or add spice from our "3rd rail" of  music, singing, calling, and other surprises.

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Check out our top-notch bands and nationally known callers:

  • The Syncopaths (Los Angeles, CA) featuring Jeff Spero (piano), Ryan McKasson (fiddle), Ashley Broder (mandolin), and Christa Burch (bodhrán, vocals)!

  • Goldcrest (Washington-Baltimore area) starring Dave Wiesler (piano), Daron Douglas (fiddle), and Paul Oorts (mandolin, tenor and five-string banjos, cittern, musette accordion, dulcimers, and guitar)

  • Sue Rosen (Boston, MA)

  • Susan Kevra (Nashville, TN)

  • Gary Roodman (Northampton, MA)+

And there's more to come...

Whether you're a dancer, caller, or musician, the program will excite and challenge you.  We start with Contra and English Country dance but it doesn't end there.  Watch for surprises like waltz, swing, hambo, polka, French dancing, Irish ceili, and other set or couple dances, not to mention the music jam sessions.

Our experienced dance leaders and great live bands will bring you workshops that give you a good time while teaching you how to improve your technique.  And don't forget our Friday night welcome dance, our Saturday night "Community Blowout," and a final dance party to close out camp on Sunday afternoon!

Enjoy the wonderful ambiance of our site at Monte Toyon camp in Aptos, California, in the coastal redwoods just south of Santa Cruz.  You can dance, dance, dance, but there's even more to the camp - explore the hiking trails, join a sing-along, make new friends or just relax. 

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