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Hey Days 2016 Evaluation

Please submit by August 22, 2016 (sooner is great). An email address is the only required field.

NOTE: If you want to remain anonymous, use for the email. This means you will not receive a confirmation email which includes your responses.

What attracted you to Hey Days 2016?


If this is your first time at a BACDS English Week, how did you hear about us?


What did you most enjoy about Hey Days? What were the highlights of the week?


What class did you take (in each period)? Please comment on the teacher, class content, music, and anything else that might be useful for us to know.
Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


How did you like the evening dances? (For example: too long, too short; too many new dances; not enough new dances; music; dance leaders, the hall, etc.)


How was the schedule and the balance of classes, evening dances, gathering, parties and other activities, and free time? What activities did you particularly enjoy?


What comments do you have about the registration process, pre-camp communications, transportation to and from camp, logistics at camp, etc.? What worked well and what could be improved?


What comments do you have about the facility, food, and accommodations? What worked well and what suggestions might we make to Bishop's Ranch staff?


Do you have additional suggestions about how to improve Hey Days next year?


What classes, callers, and musicians do you suggest for future camps?


What else would be helpful for us to know as we evaluate this summer and plan for next summer?



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