BACDS American Dance and Music Week — July 2–7, 2017 BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 2-7, 2017

AmWeek Scholarships

AmWeek offers several scholarship options to help reduce the cost of attending camp:

Under-Employed and Age-based Work-Trade Scholarships

For campers 30 years of age and younger, and for unemployed or under-employed adults, we have a limited number of special sliding fee “Work-Trade” scholarship slots available based on the camper's age at the start of camp. REGISTER EARLY if you are applying for one of these reduced-rate scholarships:

  • age 26-30: $395
  • age 23-25: $345
  • age 17-22: $295
  • age 13-16: $245
  • under-employed: $395 (any age)

Campers receiving Work-Trade scholarships will be assigned additional daily chores, such as these things that make camp work.

Jude Biggs Musician Scholarship

The BACDS mission is promoting, preserving, performing and teaching traditional English and American music and dance. The Jude Biggs Scholarship provides monetary support to help dance musicians make the transition from “promising” to “experienced” by attending a BACDS dance camp. The scholarship honors the memory of Jude Biggs, an early BACDS member who died young, her promise unfulfilled.

AmWeek’s unique program structure provides an ideal environment for development. Besides the scheduled intimate workshops with our world-class dance musicians, there are many opportunities for informal jamming with other musicians, both program staff and campers, as well as our very skilled and very popular Camper Band.

Applicants should have demonstrated ability and experience as a dance musician in their home community, but is not yet a plausible candidate for paid camp staff. Most important is that Jude Biggs Scholars take the experience and inspiration gained at camp back to their home community to contribute to their local dances. We welcome applicants from outside the Bay Area. Past recipients of the Jude Biggs Scholarship are not eligible to apply. The selection of the Jude Biggs scholar must be approved by the BACDS Board.

The scholarship is for the full amount of one admission to each camp, or the equivalent amount may be divided among multiple recipients at the camp with the approval of the BACDS Board.

Apply online using the special application form. Applications must be received by May 30. You may also register using the regular paper or online registration methods, and send the minimum $150 camp deposit to hold your place at camp. If you are selected as the Jude Biggs scholar, your deposit will be refunded. Jude Biggs Musician Scholarship applications must be received by the AmWeek Registrar by May 30 to be considered.