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Work-trade positions

There are work-trade positions open for campers who are willing to work 1-2 hours per day doing major cleaning chores, as well as camp setup and take-down. (You are free during classes.)

Specialized work-trade arrangements also available as called for with approval of camp management. Contact registrar (familyweek for details.

Teen Work Trade positions

Teens are encouraged to apply for the position of staff assistant. Contact registrar (familyweek for details.

Music scholarship

BACDS Student Musician Policy

One of the means by which BACDS furthers its mission is to help country dance and display dance musicians get over the hump from “promising” to “experienced.” BACDS has long had a Jude Biggs scholarship, named after an early BACDS member who died young, her promise unfulfilled.

The goal of this policy is to give promising dance musicians an opportunity to go to summer camp for free and enjoy whatever skills development opportunities are presented. A musician energized and inspired at camp will contribute to dances in his or her local community, so this is an appropriate use of Society funds.

The scholarship is for one free admission to each camp, or the equivalent amount may be divided among multiple recipients at the camp with the approval of the Board. The appropriate recipient of a Jude Biggs scholarship is someone who has shown talent and application as a dance musician but is not yet a plausible candidate for paid camp staff, and who has not previously been to a camp on a Jude Biggs scholarship. It is permissible for recipients to come from outside the area in which BACDS operates. Proposed scholarship recipients must be approved by the Board; the camp offering the recipient should provide a brief bio and statement of how the recipient is appropriate.

Camps are enjoined to have a plan for what to do with the scholarship recipient. This should involve as much skill development as is consonant with the smooth functioning of camp but should require no work typically done by a paid staff member or a work-trade recipient. Leading a camper night band or one-on-one training and discussion with staff may be appropriate.


Inquire and apply directly to Family Week management (familyweek as soon as possible. Earlier applicants will receive preference.


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