Covid Policy

It is our goal to hold a safe and fun Family Week for our community. Although there is always some risk of exposure to COVID when gathering in groups, we are taking the following actions to minimize the risk.

All Family Week staff will be vaccinated. 

Two weeks before camp: all attendees must be vaccinated with all COVID vaccinations that they are eligible for (minimum: initial series and a bivalent booster, and the most recent booster that is or will be available as of June 1, 2023). You will need to show proof of full vaccination.

Starting Tuesday, five days before camp starts, please start being extra COVID conscious. For example, wear N95 masks when you are in indoor spaces like grocery stores, and avoid indoor activities where you can’t wear a mask. Your care helps protect our community, some of whom, although vaccinated, are older or immunocompromised and really need to avoid the possibility of Long COVID.

Thursday, three days before camp, we highly recommend and appreciate your testing!

Sunday, the day camp begins, all attendees must take a rapid COVID test and show a time-dated picture of themselves with their negative test at camp check-in. (We do not recommend waiting to test until you get to camp — please test before you drive to camp.) If you test positive for COVID before camp, a full refund less a $25 per-camper administration fee will be offered.

At camp, masks are optional and all choices are respected. We recommend every attendee bring 1-2 well-fitting N95, KF94 or better masks with them to camp to use in the event that someone tests positive during camp.

Tuesday during camp, we will require everyone at camp to test again. Please pack tests with you and bring extra if you are able.

If someone tests positive at camp, we will be transparent and create a plan on a case-by-case basis because there are many variables to take into consideration. We may require everyone to mask indoors and in outdoor classes where there is close contact for a few days and test again.

For five days after camp ends, if you test positive for COVID, please let us ( know, so that we can alert the community to re-test and quarantine as needed.


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