Rapper Swords Triumph

The Bay Area Country Dance Society’s Family Week is about traditions of moving together to music, and we’ll teach everything, no experience needed. There will be dance for all ages, including American contra and squares, English country and morris dance, Irish, couple dances, and play-party games.


Music and Song

Musicians on deckThe music at camp is the best! The extremely talented musical staff will make your toes tap for dancing and your ears happy from listening. The staff will provide music for all kinds of dancing, will lead workshops for new and experienced musicians alike, and will lead the camp in joyous song. Instruction will be offered for many instruments, including fiddle, guitar, piano, and mandolin.



Kids performEnjoy the eternal art of storytelling. Our professional storyteller will enchant children and adults alike with storytelling sessions every day and a bedtime story as well. After the evening story the children will be serenaded off to bed with our traditional pied-piper parade.



Family Dance Camp craft classes offer adults and children a chance to make things with their hands. Our talented and knowledgeable artists will help all ages take pride in what they create.


Use of Technology

We realize how difficult it is for many of us not to be constantly electronically connected to the world. One important goal of family week is that we create a close community with our fellow campers away from the pressures and distractions of everyday life. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that our participants not use cell phones or electronic devices other than cameras.

There is no internet access at camp. We don’t allow children to leave camp, and we strongly discourage adults from doing so. Cell phones do work, but please–turn them off and leave them in your car. If you are an adult and must make a call in order to keep your world from coming to a premature end, you may discreetly go off into the woods somewhere where no camper will see or hear you.


In the end, Family Week is all about community—sharing music and song, relaxing together, and enjoying dance, play, and music making, catalyzed by an amazing staff and buoyed by friendships old and new. Come join us …



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