Special Events at Camp


Grand Parade and Summer Faire Strut in your finery up camp’s main thoroughfare to join the dance around the maypole to weave ribbons into a beautiful design


Fixin's for the barbecue

BBQ and Camp Games: Potato dangling! Eat, sing Beatles, roast marshmallows, and participate in fun camp games


Teddy Bear picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic: Songs, stories, games, and tea party with your stuffed animal friends


Jerry Allen leads the Pied Piper as the camp sings the little ones to bed. "All bound for Morning town." Our babysitters make sure all is well while grownups dance.


Late Evening Extreme (High Energy) English Dance: Special fun for teens and grownups after the little ones are in bed.


What's the bid on the penguin? Silent auction for all ages.


Our Live Auction to raise money for the camp is a hoot!



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