Hey Days Online Payment 2023

For online payment, the 1.99% + 49 cents Paypal processing fee is included. After submitting the registration form, select the amount you want to pay, enter your name, and press the "Add to Cart" button, below. A new tab will open showing the amount in your shopping cart. To add a payment for a second person, click "Continue shopping" at the top right of the shopping cart. You will be redirected here where you can add a second payment. Once you are ready to pay, go to the shopping cart and select "Check Out". (If you have a Paypal account, you can also pay that way.)

If you would like to give a tax-deductible gift, please submit that amount separately using the "Donate" button.

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Questions? Contact Alex Bradley at bacdsheydaysreg@gmail.com

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Please consider making a donation towards the scholarship fund (to help make camp available to everyone across the economic spectrum).