Owen Marshall, Alden Robinson, Mark "Pokey" Hellenberg, Baron Collins-Hill
Alex Sturbaum and Brian Lindsay

Jacqui Grennan hails from Southern California and is known for her clear and caring teaching with a stage presence that is a blend of calmness and dynamism. As an avid dancer and choreographer as well as a caller, she knows what dancers want, and knows how to make it happen, seeing herself as the host of a party who wants to help everyone have a good time.

Maia McCormick is based in New York City and has called festivals, dance camps, and weekends all over the country. (In 2023, she called Queer Contra Dance Camp in California, and is thrilled to be back on the West Coast!) As a choreographer, she strives to write dances that are fresh and flow naturally; as a caller, she fosters connection and joy on the dance floor, and has been known to tell a bad pun.

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