GREEN level requirements at BACDS dances

This web page is based on the policy adopted by the BACDS Board at the March 2022 meeting and updated at the August 2022 meeting. The Board will monitor the situation and change policy as needed.

At GREEN level attendees at BACDS events (dancers, organizers, callers, musicians, sound, observers) must:

Attendees are advised to: At Green level, refreshments may be available in the dance space and attendees may briefly remove their masks in the dance space to drink, or to eat individual servings of snacks.

In late February 2022 the CDC released a new set of color-coded maps with three tiers to convey varying risk levels. California Department of Public Health has deferred to the CDC's color-coded risk tiers, so BACDS is basing its reopening requirements on these risk tiers (green, yellow, red).

This link explains the tiers and general CDC recommendations for safety at each tier.

This link preselects a California view; the map shows relevant Bay Area county levels.

This link gives an up to date printout of COVID vaccinations so you don't have to carry that card around with you. It can be saved/downloaded to a smartphone to show as proof of full vaccination.