Breakfast is at 7:45am. Music tutorials by staff start at 8:10, including Susan Worland’s beginning fiddle class.
Under 6 6–9 year olds 10–12 year olds 13 years old and up
9am Preschool Playroom Every morning, Theresa leads three hours of stories and games, movement, and music. Cotswold Morris High-energy set dances for our younger campers, led by Julie James. Lots of movement, fun—and sticks! Crafts with Ruth Outdoor crafts under the trees; a great way to start the day! Squares Susan Michaels gets your morning going right with an hour of hot square dances.

Callers’ Workshop with Kalia Discover what it’s like to be behind the caller’s mic and bring the delight of dance to others.

10am Crafts with Ruth Family Camp crafts classes can mean many things. Bookmarks? Corn dollies?
Painting? Weaving? Lots of fun, guaranteed.Av
Community Dance & Games with DeLaura Padovan and Steve Hickman.
Before the internet, before TV or radio, dance and song were what kids did for fun. You’ll learn about call-and-response singing, play-party games, and have a blast doing traditional dances.
English Country Dance with Kalia What’s in the box? A huge repertoire of dances! Kalia Kliban returns as our ECD caller, leading country dances ranging from the goofy to the elegant.

Camper Band with Judy Bring your fiddle, flute, mando, banjo, uke, guitar, or most any instrument. Learn some contra or southern tunes, get them up to speed, and play them for real dancers on Campers Night.

11am Community Dance & Games with DeLaura and Steve.
Singing games, play-party games, and lots of pre-lunch fun.
Cotswold Favorites with Alex and Rhonda These Morris dances are the classics, and you’ll know why after dancing them. Contradance! The perfect appetizer before lunch—Susan Michaels leads an hour of high-energy dance in the main hall.

Singing We’re delighted that Doug Olsen is returning to lead us in song. So come on and learn some new favorites!

Noon A 15-minute break for setup, then lunch at 12:15
1pm Round-up with Susan A time for the entire camp to come together, where we’ll enjoy performing, telling jokes, silly skits—and, what else?—announcements!
2pm Irish Set Dancing Michael Riemer returns to teach Kerry set dancing for all!

Stilt Walking for all ages Andy gets you up and going on stilts. We supply the stilts, costumes and encouragement.

Story Telling Alix Phillips brings a trove of traditional tales to camp, from Appalachian Jack Tales to Navajo stories. Come learn the storyteller’s craft from her.

3pm Naps, Jam Sessions, Board Games, Camper-Led Workshops … and Snack Shop opens at 3:30pm There’s no pool at Monte Toyon, but there’s also no crushing ­afternoon heat. So we’ll have expanded free time: long music jams, games, hiking, or just hanging out having fun. Rhonda, Alex, and Ruth will teach weeklong rapper dance class for teens and adults: it’s a fast-moving, intensely athletic dance form from the north of England. Kalia will hold a crafts session, and others on staff will lead intriguing one-off workshops, and you’re invited to lead a workshop, too. So, campers—think of great ­music, silly stunts, or goofy games that you’d like to share, and bring ’em out! We’ll also have age-specific activities for the youngest campers built into the program.
6pm Dinner is at 6pm, followed by community dance starting at 7:15, an evening program, then storytelling.

Pied Piper at 8:30—bedtime for 9 and unders. Snack Shop opens, then evening dance to 10:30. 9:30 bedtime for 10 –12 year olds; teens’ lights out by midnight.



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