Daily Life at Camp

MORNINGS: The day starts with breakfast at 7:45 am, followed by three morning classes, in which kids are grouped with their peers. This allows the adults a chance to enjoy dancing, music, and singing, knowing that their kids are engaged.

On arrival day, these classes will be taught that afternoon.

AFTERNOONS: Following lunch, we have Family Round-up with performances and jokes, and one more class period from 2 to 3.  After that, things are more relaxed—time for reading, games, making music, hiking, camper-led workshops, or a nap before dinner.

EVENINGS: There are dances every evening, starting with a Family Dance. At 8:30, the 9 and unders are led off to bed in the Pied Piper parade, a moving lullaby performed by the entire community. Once parents have tucked their kids in, they are free to come back to the dance, while roving babysitters stop by the rooms throughout the evening to make sure all is well.

CAMPER JOBS: All week, everyone helps out during meals or with simple housekeeping tasks (younger children will work with a parent/guardian). Jobs take about half an hour per day.

For detailed specifics of the day, open a pdf of the latest brochure here. The schedule is on page 3. Or right click the link and download it.


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