Would you like to invite your friends and extended family?

Here are some resources to help.


Here is an all-purpose flyer for 2016:

What can you do with it? You can hand it to friends or not-yet-friends. You can separate the tear-offs at the bottom and post it on a bulletin board. Vicki likes to hand it to adults accompanied by children at family-friendly events (e.g. Revels, Dickens, Rise Up sing-a-longs, New Harmony camp). She says something like, “I’d like to invite you to bring your family to dance camp with my family.”

Download a pdf of the 2016 brochure here.

This is our regular brochure for 2016 in letter-sizeĀ format. It’s a detailed view of what camp is like.


A save-the-date postcard for 2016 isĀ here.

Postcards only cost 35c to mail. Invite family and friends! Plus, it has a picture of stilting.




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