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Before the dance, a brief (and entirely optional) workshop, with some suggestions about dancing the tango waltz, and a preview of sequence dances. (Sequence dances are set choreographies that go to a particular piece of music, like "Congress of Vienna" (but we don't expect to do "Congress of Vienna".) We'll do "Gypsy Wine" and maybe one other in the evening.) If you're interested, be on time, with shoes changed, for the workshop at 7:30. The workshop is not necessary for the dance, but you'll need to know how to waltz, at least.

The music will be acoustic, piano and fiddle, played with amazing sensitivity, drive, and beauty. (These are world-class musicians.) The evening only goes on until 10:00 pm (because the neighbors insist), so there'll be two sets with a brief break around 8:50. The dances will mostly be waltz and tango waltz, with the occasional diversion into other forms like polka, schottische, mazurka, or one-step. Don't expect rumba, cha-cha, or salsa.

There'll be one or two sequence dances; Lise or Alan will teach them on the fly. Don't expect to spend more than five minutes learning a sequence dance. There'll be one or two waltz country dances (where you and your partner enact a brief choreography with other couples) or mixers; Alan or Lise will lead those, and again, the instruction will be quite brief and to the point. This is a party with a little instruction, not a workshop.

We're expecting dancers from several different communities. Expect to meet new people. Remember, anybody can ask anybody else to dance.

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