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BACDS Playford Ball 2007


The dances for the 2007 BACDS Playford Ball are:

Hambleton's Round O

longways triple minor

Playford (The Dancing Master, Volume 2) (1710), Bentley (Fallibroome I) (1962)

A 1-2 Ones cast to center place, twos move up to top.
3-6 Heys for three across at top and bottom, first man passing third lady by left and first lady passing second man by left to start.
7-8 Ones, ending hey a bit early, turn two hands and end proper facing UP.
B 1-2 First corners (first lady, second man) trade places; second corners (first man, second lady) trade places.
3-4 Ones and twos circle halfway and turn single over right shoulders.
5-8 Four changes of a circular hey (no hands), partners passing by right to start.

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