We're obliged to increase prices this year: Admission $205 (Miller/Morris or camping on-site), $220 for the more modern Cary Lodge (home of late night noise). Offsite admission (program and meals only) is $175. Click here for a discussion of the lodging choices. [Note that until 2002 we were able to charge the offsite price for tent or vehicle camping; the Monte Toyon management will no longer permit this and will charge us the full onsite rate, which we have to pass on to you, so car or tent camping is also $205.]

Work-trade arrangements provide a $70/$60/$55 discount (Cary/Miller/Offsite) for doing some chores to make the camp run more smoothly.

Children are welcome, and many of the workshops (which will be shown on the tentative schedule, when we have it ) will be designed for all ages, although children under twelve must have their parents with them in the workshop. Other workshops and evening dances will only be suitable for children who can dance at an adult level; some other activities will be available at this time. Parents are responsible for their children throughout the weekend. A parents' cooperative will be organized so that everybody gets time to dance. Prices are as follows:
Age Price
2-5 $70.
6-11 $90.
12+ full adult rate

Click here for a map showing location of the camp, or here for a very complete description of the Monte Toyon site.

Arrive any time after 4:00 pm Friday, October 15. You're on your own for dinner Friday; there are many excellent restaurants in Santa Cruz and some good places in Aptos. The welcome dance party begins at 8:00 pm. Food and dorm-style lodging are provided, along with all kinds of country dance and singing fun, until the farewell dance party ends at 4:30 pm Sunday. Rodney Miller, Elvie Miller, and Marko Packard will play and David Millstone will call at the third-Sunday Santa Cruz contradance afterward; many campers enjoy visiting that large, friendly dance.

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