American dance music by  Nightingale
Nightingale is Jeremiah McLane, Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
English Dance Music
Charlie Hancock (piano, accordion) Jim Oakden (winds and strings)
Shira Kammen (fiddle) Fred Nussbaum (cello)
Display Dance Music
Craig Johnson (accordion)
Vintage and Modern Waltz Music
Peter Spicer (piano) David Strong (fiddle)

Staff Biographies

Laura Mé Smith

LAURA ME SMITH Seattle's Laura Mé Smith calls contras, squares, and English Country Dance with clarity, joy, and some really bad jokes. She has delighted dancers both with quick teaching and excellent dancing since 1980. Laura Mé has called in far-flung Montana and Alaska as well as up and down the West Coast. We're very pleased to have her wth us this year.

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Jocelyn Reynolds

Jocelyn is Fore of Goat Hill Morris, and has danced with Berkeley, Mayfield, and Lemon & Capers in Boston. A past editor of the American Morris Newsletter, she is one of the very few people to have done graduate work in morris dance. As such, she's particularly well-suited to teach the styling of different Cotswold traditions. Jocelyn co-programmed Fall Weekend in 1996 and 1997, and programmed BACDS Mendocino English Week in 2001 and 2002. Jocelyn was scheduled to teach at Fall Weekend in 2000 but was felled by flu. We're glad to have this chance to bring her back.

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Craig Johnson
At previous Fall Weekends, Craig has made fabulous music with accordion and piano for contradancing, English country dancing, display dance, and with his voice leading singing in 2000. This year he'll play for Jocelyn Reynolds' display dance classes.

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Shira Kammen

SHIRA KAMMEN's fiddling was a hit at English Week in 1999 and 2000, the Playford Ball in 2000, and Fall Weekend. She's been a highlight of many Christmas Revels shows. She has a degree in music from UC Berkeley. She is a member of Ensembles Alcatraz, Project Ars Nova, and Medieval Strings. She has performed and taught around the US and the world, and is at home in many musical genres, including English and Breton.  

Here is Shira's website.

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Fred Nussbaum
FRED NUSSBAUM is an excellent cellist and a mainstay of Portland's English country dance scene. Bay Area English dancers may be familiar with his music from visits to the Portland English Ball (where he's played with Jim Oakden to great acclaim); Fall Weekend attendees should know his work as an invited sit-in musician with (three-quarters of) Bare Necessities in 1999. We're very pleased to have him.
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Jim Oakden

JIM OAKDEN has gone through a succession of musical stages, from early music to traditional. Jim has been a staff musician at many West Coast camps including Fall Weekend, both by himself and as part of the GUPpies, and is currently active as a musician for English country dances, contras, Irish and Cape Breton sessions and dances from Brittany. Jim is a board member of the Traditional Dancers of Santa Cruz, led the band for the 2000 Playford Ball, and programmed the 2001 and 2002 BACDS Fall Weekends.

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Charlie Hancock

CHARLIE HANCOCK's piano and accordion are familiar sounds at BACDS dances. He plays for English, contra, and Scottish country dancing, and plays a bit of jazz for fun. His main band these days, the Contrabandits, have been Fall Weekend favorites in recent years, and he played at the 2001 Playford Ball. He is now the programmer of the even-Wednesday Berkeley English dance Charlie's website.

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Doug Olsen

DOUG OLSEN, well-known as a member of Oak Ash & Thorn, has been well-received on singing at several year's Fall Weekends and Mendocino English Week. Doug's singing and his sense of humor and good fellowship bring a lot to camp.
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