Here are the prices for 2014.

Click here for a discussion of the lodging choices.

Work-trade arrangements provide provide a discount for doing some chores to make the camp run more smoothly.
Work-trade rates are

Special rates are available for the Saturday-only display dance program, or other menu options.

Work-trade discounts from these rates are available, contact the Registrar. Meals may be purchased:

Click here for a map showing location of the camp, or here for a very complete description of the Monte Toyon site.

Arrive any time after 4:00 pm Friday, October 17. You're on your own for dinner Friday (unless you're on work-trade setup, in which case there will be pizza and salad or equivalents provided, or on staff, in which case there'll be Chinese food or something at the staff meeting); there are many excellent restaurants in Santa Cruz and some good places in Aptos. The welcome dance party begins at 8:00 pm. Food and dorm-style lodging are provided, along with all kinds of country dance, singing, and musical fun, until the farewell dance party ends at 4:30 pm Sunday.

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