Fall Frolick Highly Tentative Schedule




5:00                 Registration opens at Helgesson

7:15                 Introduction to ECD [Tentative] (Dining Hall)

8:00                 Welcome Dance/Gene in charge, with Nikki & Rosemary H. (Helgesson)

11:00               Ice Cream Social in Dining Hall, followed by ad hoc late night dancing wherever it erupts


Saturday [Classes are intended for all unless marked (X) for eXperienced]


Time                Dance Hall [Helgesson]                      Dining Hall                 Hollidge or Cary Lounge

8:00-8:45(9:00)                                                           Breakfast


9:15-10:30       Sharp Dancing                                   Molly                           Band Workshop (Hollidge)   

                        Gene/Chuck, Sue Draheim                 Sue Dupré/Charlie       Rebecca          


10:45-11:45     Whole-bodyDancing                            Rapper                       Slow Jam (Hollidge)

                        Nikki/Chuck, Michelle                        Randall/Noel               Jim


12:00-12:30     Gathering/Concert


12:30-1:15                                                                   Lunch


1:30-2:45         Modern English Country Dances       Molly                           Singing English Country Dances

                        Rosemary/Rebecca, Sue Draheim       Sue Dupré/Charlie       Shira (Cary Lounge)


3:00-4:00         Joys & Perils of Matrimony                Rapper                        Callers' Workshop (Cary)

                        Nikki/Chuck, Michelle                        Randall/Noel               Sue Dupré


4:15-5:15         Fresh Look at Fan Dances                  Innocent Merriment

                        Rosemary/Charlie, Sue Draheim         Sharon/Rebecca, Jim  



5:30-6:10         Wine-Tasting Party in Helgesson  (Silent Auction on Display)


6:15-7:00                                                                     Dinner


8:00-10:30       Playford Party                                    

                        Nikki in charge, with Gene & Rosemary H.


10:30               Closing song with Doug, followed by snacks outside Helgesson


post 10:45       Camper-led dancing                            Singing in Dining Hall


Time                Main Dance Hall                                 Dining Hall                 Cary Lounge

8:00-8:45(9:00)                                                           Breakfast


8:30-9:10                                                                     Sacred Harp



9:15-10:30       Dancing by Threes                              Band Workshop         

                        Gene/Rebecca, Shira                           Chuck                         


10:45-11:45     Mr. Playford & Friends                      Longsword                  Callers' Workshop     

                        Rosemary H./Charlie, Sue Draheim    Sue Dupré/Noel           Gene


12:00-12:30     Gathering/Noisy Auction


12:30-1:15(1:30)                                                         Lunch


1:15-1:30         Silent Auction Concludes in Dance Hall


1:30-2:00         PACKING FOR AS MANY AS WILL      


2:00-3:00         Feet, Don't Fail Me Now—Lively Contras                                       

                        Nikki/Noel, Jim, more                        


3:00-4:30         Closing Dance Party

                        Gene in charge, with Rosemary & Nikki & Sue Dupré