After many years as a mixed English/American dance camp, Fall Dance Weekend at Monte Toyon became Fall Frolick in 2008, and now focuses primarily on English Country Dance, Display Dance (morris / sword / clog), music and song. Come to Fall Weekend for a weekend of English country dance with world-class callers and musicians, a full and varied Display dance program, fellowship and fun.

Programmer Sharon Green and a large committee have orchestrated a weekend of elegant and rowdy dances, skills improvement, and deep pleasure.

2 days and 2 nights of English dance including:
  • 1 Ice Cream Social
  • 1 Classy Contra
  • 1 Frabjous Fan Dance
  • 1 Predominantly Playford Ball
  • 1 Noisy Auction
  • 1 Sacred Harp Sing
  • 2 Band Workshops
  • Morris & Rapper & Sword (Oh, my!)
  • 5 Memorable Meals

Classes will be led by
Gene Murrow Randall Cayford Nikki Herbst
Rosemary Hunt (UK) Sharon Green Sue Dupré

Music provided by
Noel Cragg Sue Draheim Charlie Hancock
Shira Kammen Rebecca King Michelle Levy
Jim Oakden   Chuck Ward

SINGING led by
Doug Olsen

SOUND wizarded by Nick Cuccia

Fall Frolick is an almost all-English dance weekend sponsored by the Bay Area Country Dance Society to provide an opportunity for dancers, callers, and musicians to explore the extraordinary range of English country and display dance with wonderful teachers and splendid musicians, in a glorious setting.

Fall Frolick is for all English country and display dancers and musicians, experienced and novice alike. BACDS members will receive some priority if they register before August 15. Please register early: space is limited. We have spots for at most 120 campers. We are reserving 80 spots for BACDS members, with the remaining 40 spots reserved for non-BACDS applicants. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender.