BACDS Fall Dance Weekend 2005 Work-Trade Questionnaire

Please fill out this questionnaire about your job preferences and limitations immediately. It will help us ensure that all the chores our camp needs to function smoothly will be covered, and it will help us assign you a job that will be appropriate for you.

Although we can't guarantee that we'll be able to meet all job requests, we will do our best to honor your choice. If you have questions or particular concerns about your job assignment, please email our Work-Trade Coordinator Cynthia Seagren at (415) 552-7044 or She'll be glad to help you. You may also print out this questionnaire and mail it to Cynthia at:

Cynthia Seagren
25 Guerrero St., #301
San Francisco, CA 94103

BACDS Fall Dance Weekend 2005 Work-Trade Questionnaire

Contact Information
Gender Male    Female
Street Address
City, State, ZIP
Preferred phone
Alternate phone
Email Address
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Your answers to the following questions will help determine your camper chore assignment. While we can't promise the chore of your dreams, we will make every effort to accommodate your preferences and limitations. If we don't hear from you, we'll assume you can do any job.

Yes    No Will you be in camp early enough to set up on Friday afternoon?
Yes    No Will you be in camp early enough to direct cars in the parking lot?
Yes    No Will you stay at camp late enough to break down camp on Sunday afternoon?
Yes    No Are you an early bird who prefers a morning job?
Yes    No Are you a night owl who likes to work late in the evening?


Here's a list of things that are necessary to make Fall Weekend go smoothly. Because there are fewer people for Fall Weekend than there are for the week-long camps, we need work-trade people to either set up or break down camp (or both if you can), and set up or break down a snack, in addition to a separate task.

  • Check the ones you are willing and able to do.
  • If you have a strong preference for a certain job, please circle that job.
  • If you have any limitations that make a certain chore impossible for you, please note that after the job name.

Dining Hall Service

Meal teams: set/wipe tables, move benches, sweep dining hall, etc. The Dining Hall manager will divide the teams into sections, and each section only will be responsible for set-up and clean-up for that meal.

Yes    No Breakfast
Yes    No Lunch
Yes    No Dinner


Non-Mealtime Service

Yes    No Evening snacks set-up
Yes    No Clean up evening snacks (late night)
Yes    No Restock daily tea water, coffee, and cream & sugar
Yes    No Restock drinking water (requires lifting full five-gallon water jugs)



Yes    No Sweep dance hall


Friday Night Set-Up

Yes    No Put up decorations in dance hall
Yes    No Put fragrance-free soaps/lotions on bathroom sinks and shampoo/conditioner in showers
Yes    No Put signs in bathrooms and on dorm doors
Yes    No Put camp schedules on doors of dance hall & dorms and inside kitchen hall
Yes    No Set up lounge chairs on lawn
Yes    No Direct cars in parking lot to appropriate spots


Sunday Afternoon Break-Down:

Yes    No Remove decorations from dance hall
Yes    No Remove soaps, lotions, shampoo, and conditioners
Yes    No Remove signs and schedules
Yes    No Pack lounge chairs
Yes    No Bring items left behind to Lost & found in front of dance hall



Is there anything else we need to know before assigning your work-trade job?

Questions or concerns? Contact Cynthia at (415) 552-7044 or

This document last modified: Friday, 29-September-2005