Fees and Registration

You may register for camp online, using this form. However, your registration is not considered complete until your check is received. You may submit the form electronically, and follow with the check, or print out a completed form and mail it with your check.

Checks should be made out to BACDS and mailed to:

BACDS Fall Weekend
c/o Vanessa Schnatmeier
1122 Hudson St.
Redwood City, CA 94061

Please submit one registration form per person. Cancellations after September 27th are subject to a fee. See the FAQs page for details. Questions? Contact Co-Manager/Registrar Vanessa Schnatmeier at meier@ssrl.slac.stanford.edu.

All registrations (or mailed checks, in the case of electronic form submission) postmarked by August 16th, 2003 will be considered together. Registrations (or mailed checks) postmarked after August 16th will be considered in order by postmark date.

If a lottery is held, up to but no more than 25 percent of the available spaces will be set aside for an initial drawing for BACDS members and people not admitted from the waiting list for last year's camp; there will then be a second, general lottery for all applicants.) Camper emails or letters will be sent after August 25th. If you have not received a confirmation by September 5th, please email Co-Manager/Registrar Vanessa Schnatmeier, or call her at 650-365-2913.

If you would like to register by mail, please use our print flyer (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). [NOTE: This option will be available shortly.]

BACDS Monte Toyon 2003 Fall Dance Weekend Registration Form

(Complete one registration form per person, please, including children)
Highlighted fields are required.

Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
Badge Name
(How you want your first name to read on your badge, eg "Red" or "Suzy")
Street Address
City, State, ZIP
Email Address
(either put in your real email address or leave blank)

Male    Female (We will not discriminate on the basis of gender.)

Camp Options and Fees
Program, Meals, and Lodging - Cary dorm (all-night noise area) $210
Program, Meals, and Lodging - Miller/Morris dorm (quiet area) $195
Program, Meals, and Lodging in your own car, camper, tent or other (please specify): $195
Program and Meals only (off-site camping or lodging ONLY) $165
Children's rates:
Under 2 yrs. free
2-5 yrs. $70
6-11 yrs. $90
I would like to apply for a Work-Trade position. Prices are $140 for Cary, $135 for Miller/Morris or on-site camping, $110 for off-site.
Please send check for reduced price, but select your preferred lodging option above.
Work-Trade positions are based on ability and willingness to work. Some lifting will be required. The Work-Trade Coordinator will contact you. If you need other financial assistance, please contact Vanessa Schnatmeier at meier@ssrl.slac.stanford.edu.
I would like to make a tax-deductible donation to BACDS of $
I am a BACDS member. My membership number is
I am enclosing to become a BACDS member. [See http://www.bacds.org/organization/membership" for rates.
Total enclosed:

Rooming Information
Register me as rooming with
Register me as a couple/family with
By choosing the couple/family option, you are requesting to be accepted to camp only if both or all listed are also admitted.

Roster Listing
There will be a printed roster at camp, available only to registered campers. If you do not want certain information about you published, please describe restrictions below:
Age I am years old.
Required only if camper is under the age of 18.

Dietary Needs
I am a Vegetarian.
I am an Omnivore.
Required; please choose one or the other.
I request special meals, if possible.
Check here and describe your special needs below.
We will do our best to accomodate your needs, but please be aware that the camp staff cannot cater to all individuals. There will be some vegan and gluten-free options. If you require other special foods, you may provide your own supplements. There will be refrigerator space for your food, but no cooking facilities.

Helping Out
I can provide hospitality for an out-of-town camper or staff.
I can help with camp setup.
I would like to help in some other way. Please call me.

I need a ride to camp, originating from
I can offer a ride to camp, originating from
We cannot guarantee a ride, but we'll do our best.

Confirmations and camper letters, including attachments, will be sent via email. Please check here if you need a paper copy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the appropriate person on the Contact Us page.

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