The entire fee MUST accompany each application.
     Cancellations are subject to a $50 CANCELLATION FEE.
Confirmations will be mailed out by August 22, 2000.
Mail your check (made out to BACDS) and completed registration (below) to:
c/o Vanessa Schnatmeier
1122 Hudson Street
Redwood City, CA 94061
For info, call (650) DOLBY-13 (365-2913) or
You can email the filled-out form by clicking the submit button, but you still have to send the check; your postmark priority will be determined by when we get the check.
Monte Toyon 2000 Fall Dance Weekend Registration Form (email-text)
Name (Required)
Street Address (Required)
City, State, ZIP (Required)
Phone (Required):
Email Address
BACDS Member #
Sex (Required) Male Female (We will not discriminate on the basis of gender.)

(Required) Check one and send a check for the full fee made out to BACDS.
Camp Options and Fees
Program, Meals, and Lodging - Cary dorm, all-night noise area. $175.
Program, Meals, and Lodging - Miller/Morris dorm, quiet area...$170.
Program and Meals only (off site lodging or camping)...........$140.

Joint application with
I need financial assistance to attend camp. $60 work-trade discounts are available. Deduct $60 from your payment.
Total amount owed:
I can offer a ride to camp.
I need a ride to camp. (BACDS cannot guarantee finding a ride to camp).
Either of the above
Roster listing
List name and contact info
List name only
Don't list me in the roster
Under 16 I am years old and I plan to attend longsword, ceilidh, clog.
Required: Are you vegetarian or omnivorous ?
I request special meals, if possible (check here and describe special needs below).


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