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Lisa Greenleaf
Lisa is from the Boston area and regularly calls dances there and throughout New England. She's know for exuberant calling and effective teaching, a real plus for her couples dance workshop. Lisa delights in zesty contras and squares and has a knack for making it all easy. She's been on staff at major dance events here and abroad including Pinewoods, NEFFA, Sierra Swing, and in Canada, Denmark and England.

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Jacqueline Schwab
Jacqueline makes her home in Cambridge, Mass., and combines the best of English country dancing: outstanding musicianship and a comprehensive knowledge of the dance form. Her ability to share her love of the material charms beginners and experienced dancers alike. Jacqueline is a member of the critically acclaimed Bare Necessities, a quarter renowned for its unique presentation of English country dance music. She is best known for her solo piano improvisations on traditional music for several PBS series (The Civil War, Baseball, The West) and her appearance on A Prairie Home Companion.

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Roger Diggle
Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Roger composes dances, and has called in more than 20 states. He is an accomplished dance musician, and plays guitar with various bands in the Midwest. Whistling is one of his special talents. In fact, Roger has the unique ability to call a dance and accompany himself by whistling. He's been on staff at CDSS English-American Week, Camp Wannadance, and Lady of the Lake. We're delighted to welcome Roger in his first appearance at a BACDS event.

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Jan Elliott
Jan has been teaching morris and sword dancing for more than 20 years, dating from when she founded Ha'penny Morris of Boston. From Woods Hole, Mass., Jan is a member of the Woods Hole Village Morris and the Martha's Vineyard Swordfish. She holds a master's degree in dance ethnology from UCLA. Jan will offer a session for all levels on Bloxham Morris, an invented tradition based on Ascot-under-Wychwood, Adderbury, and Bucknell. She'll also teach Helmsley Version 2.1, a lively and unusual longsword dance for those with some ritual experience.

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