Dance Hall (Helgesson) Dining Hall                      Hollidge (across the road) Cary Lounge
3:00 PM Work-trade crew arrives (please check in at Helgesson Hall for your work assignment).
5:00 PM Campers begin arriving and checking in at Helgesson Hall.
715 pm Introductory ECD session if requested
8:00-1030 PM Evening dance (Scott, Joanna, David)
11:00 PM Dessert potluck, singing by the fire
8-845 am Breakfast for as many as will
915-1030 am Joanna -- Making it your own
Charlie, Michelle
Jan -- Longsword 1
Rebecca -- Slow Jam
1045-1145 am David -- Playford Classics
Shira, Michelle
Joanna -- Dovetail (ADV)
Rebecca, Bonnie
Sylvia -- Chorus Songs
12-1230 Talent Show
1230-115 pm Lunch
130-245 pm David -- The Art of the Hey
Charlie, Shira
Randall -- Bacca Pipes 1
Scott -- Callers discussion
3-4 pm David -- Shutting up and Dancing (ADV)
Rebecca, Shira
Kalia -- Future Classics
Charlie, Michelle
Jim -- Stupid Band Tricks
415-515 pm Scott -- Sublime Moments
Rebecca, Bonnie, Michelle
Jan -- Longsword 2
Shira -- Messing with the Melody
530-610 pm Happy Hour and Auction Preview
615-7 pm Dinner (Knives and Forkes)
8-1030 pm Evening dance (David, Scott, Joanna)
1045 onward Pick-up dancing
Camper musicians and callers
Snacks, singing by the fire
8-845 am Breakfast (hey, weren't there more of us yesterday?)
915-1030 am Scott -- The Leading Edge
Charlie, Jim 
Randall -- Bacca Pipes 2
1045-1145 Joanna -- Phrasing
Rebecca, Michelle
Jan -- Border Morris (Brimfield)
Sylvia -- Guitar Artistry for Folk Singers
12-1230 Noisy Auction (remaining items to go to the silent auction)
1230-130 pm Lunch and closing of silent auction (130)
130-2 pm Packing (where's that last sock?)
2-3 pm Scott -- Contra
Charlie, Jim, Bonnie, Shira
315-430 pm Closing dance (Joanna, David, Scott)
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