Friday Night Party

Scott Higgs

         Take a Dance

         Sun Assembly

         Candles in the Dark

         Leather Lake House


Joanna Reiner

         Mulberry Garden

         Jaque Latin

         An Early Frost

         Female Sayler

         Shrewsbury Lasses



David Newitt

         MacDonald's March

         A New Beginning

         Madeira Dream

         Hole in the Wall

         Jack's Health


Saturday Morning -

9:15 am: Scott - The Leading Edge

         Handel With Care

         Michael & All Angels



         Wa is Me

         Softly Good Tummas

         Dancing Across the Atlantic


10:45 am: David Newitt - Playford

         Christchurch Bells

         Spring Garden



10:45 am (Dining Hall): Joanna Reiner - Dovetail & Others

(Gary Roodman Advanced dances)


         A Celt's New Dance

         Playing the Field


Saturday Afternoon

1:30 pm: Joanna Reiner - Making it Your Own

         The Ragg


         Mr. Jensen's Gift

         Zither Man

         Apley House


3:00 pm: David Newitt - Shut up! (teacher) and Dance (no walk through)

         Mad Robin

         Medley: Lilliburlero, Geud Man of Ballangigh, Take a Dance, Faithless Nancy Dawson

         Turning by 3's

         Key to the Cellar


         Miss de Jersey's Memorial

         + ???  (David thinks there was one more)


4:15 pm: Scott Higgs - Sublime Moments


         Sally in our Alley

         Leslie's Valentine

         Hambletons Round O

         Autumn in Amherst


Saturday Night Party

David Newitt

         Never Love Thee More

         Puck's Deceit

         Charlene's Celebration


         Turn of the Tide


Scott Higgs

         Good Man of Cambridge



         Bar a Bar

         Wakefield Hunt


Joanna Reiner

         Minor Spaniard

         Muriel's Measure


         Bonny Cuckoo


         Old Wife Behind the Fire


Sunday Morning

9:15 am Joanna - Fun with Phrasing

         Juice of Barley

         Sunlight Through Draperies

         Trip to Kilburn


         Banish Misfortune

         Elverton Grove


10:45 am: David Newitt - Art of the Hey

         Collier's Daughter

         Mr Handel's Gigue

         The Potter's Wheel

         The Astonished Archeologist


2:00 pm: Scott Higgs - Contra Dance


         Blackbird in the Night

         Heart of Glass

         Dance All Night

         Mystery Dance #4


Sunday Afternoon Party

Joanna Reiner

         The Hop Ground

         Easter Thursday

         Ashford Anniversary


David Newitt

         Dublin Bay

         Kelsterne Gardens

         Wibsey Roundabout

         Well Hall


Scott Higgs

         Halsway Manners

         Barbarini's Tambourine