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Hey Days 2017 Program Questionnaire

Please submit by July 7, 2017 (sooner is great).

So you're coming to camp! We look forward to seeing you there. It will be a big help to get an idea of what classes you are most likely to attend. This is not a final commitment and you can change your mind once at camp.

Class 1

ECD (Advanced): Reconstructions of Andrew Shaw – Kalia


ECD: Watermelon to Chocolate – Brooke


Sing Out, Geek Out! – Nicole


Class 2

ECD: Zesty Playford – Andrew


Callers Workshop – Brooke


Band Workshop – Ethan


Class 3

Molly Dance – Daisy


ECD: Strengthening Your Core – Kalia


Ear Training for Everyone – Anna


Sea Songs – Nicole


Class 4

ECD: The Dances of Pat Shaw – Brooke


Playford Reconstruction - Andrew


Playford Jam – Owen


Medieval Mystery Drama – Daisy


Class 5

Disorganized Sports


Dance Grab Bag


Music Grab Bag


If you would like to lead a one-day 5th period dance, music, song, or other grab bag session, please indicate:

If you plan to attend music workshops and/or play for campers’ night, please indicate:

Callers / Aspiring Callers:




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