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Come to the BACDS English Dance and Music Week in Mendocino, California, from July 10-17, 2010
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English Week 2010 Camper Chores Questionnaire

Everyone at camp has a small daily chore (generally 20 to 30 minutes) to keep the camp running smoothly. Please fill out your hard-copy Chore Questionnaire completely and return it by June 1st to the registrar: Denis Thalson, 1105 Talbot Ave. Albany, CA 94706, or stay here at to fill out and submit this form online.

Questions? Contact Victoria Williams at 510-815-2415 or

Circle (or, if online, check the radio box for) your choices for the jobs you are willing and able to do. Your job assignment will come from these choices. If you have a strong preference for a certain job, please note it. If you have any limitations that make a certain chore impossible for you, please note it. While we can’t promise the chore of your dreams, we will make every effort to accommodate your preferences and limitations.

If we don't hear from you we'll assume you can do any job...

Preferred phone
Alternate phone
(either put in your real email address or leave blank)


Yes   No    If Needed Will you be in camp early enough to do an early Saturday evening chore?
Yes   No    If Needed Are you an early bird who prefers a morning job?
Yes   No    If Needed Are you a night owl who likes to work late in the evening?


Food Service
The Dining Hall Manager will divide meal teams into before, during, and after groups. No camper will have to be “on duty” for an entire meal. Please indicate at least one meal that you can work at as most camp chores involve helping at mealtimes!
Yes    No     If needed Breakfast
Yes    No     If needed Lunch
Yes    No     If needed Dinner
Yes    No     If needed Move tables and benches after breakfast (requires lifting)
Yes    No     If needed Move tables and benches before dinner (requires lifting)


Special events

Yes    No    If needed Banquet (lots of work - but only on Friday, includes moving tables [lifting], setting tables, and cleaning up afterwards (packing decorations)
Yes    No    If needed Late Night Events (Pub Night)
Yes    No    If needed Evening snacks (after 10:30pm)
Yes    No    If needed Afternoon events (High Tea, picnic, Auction)
Yes    No    If needed Morning coffee barista (before/during breakfast)
(Do you have barista experience? If so, please describe it briefly.)



Yes    No    If needed Tidy camp house (straighten up room, sweep floors & steps, pick up stray dishes)
Yes    No    If needed Tidy dance hall (sweep steps, pick up stray dishes, check handwashing stations)
Yes    No    If needed Provide on-call health advice



If you have been to camp before, what is the "chore of your dreams"?
Is there anything else you'd like us to know before we assign your camper job?

Questions? Contact Victoria Williams at 510-815-2415 or

If you print out and mail this form, please mail it by June 1 to:

BACDS c/o Denis Thalson
1105 Talbot Avenue
Albany, CA 94706-2333

English Week 2010 is currently sold out, with a wait list.

For more information, please check with our camp manager, Loretta Guarino Reid,
or our camp registrar, Denis Thalson (510-704-9561,

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