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BACDS Events Calendar

June 2018

Schedule of Events

June 01ENGLISHMTtbaschedule not yet published
June 02CONTRASFtbaschedule not yet published
June 05ENGLISHASEtbaschedule not yet published
June 06CONTRACCBtbaschedule not yet published
June 08ENGLISH/REGENCYSMEtbaschedule not yet published
June 09CONTRAFUMtbaschedule not yet published
June 09ENGLISHSJPtbaschedule not yet published
June 10ENGLISHFSJtbaschedule not yet published
June 12WOODSHEDHPPtbaschedule not yet published
June 13ENGLISHCCBtbaschedule not yet published
June 15ENGLISHMTtbaschedule not yet published
June 16CONTRASFtbaschedule not yet published
June 17CONTRAFSJtbaschedule not yet published
June 19ENGLISHASEtbaschedule not yet published
June 20CONTRACCBtbaschedule not yet published
June 23CONTRAFUMtbaschedule not yet published
June 23ENGLISHCCBtbaschedule not yet published
June 24CONTRAHVCtbaschedule not yet published
June 27ENGLISHCCBtbaschedule not yet published
June 29ENGLISHMTtbaschedule not yet published
June 30CONTRAFUMtbaschedule not yet published
June 31CONTRAHVCtbaschedule not yet published

Dance Venues

ASEAll Saints Episcopal Church555 Waverley StPalo Alto
Corner of Waverley St & Hamilton Ave
CCBChrist Church Berkeley (formerly Grace North Church)2138 Cedar StreetBerkeley
Between Walnut and Oxford
FSJFirst Unitarian Church of San Jose160 N 3rd StSan Jose
FUMFirst United Methodist Church of Palo AltoHamilton at ByronPalo Alto
upstairs, 1 block from University, 1 block from Middlefield
HPPCarriage House at Holbrook-Palmer Park150 Watkins AvenueAtherton
HVCHill and Valley Club - 1808 B Street (at Linden)1808 B StreetHayward
Corner of B and Linden
MTPalo Alto Masonic Temple461 Florence StreetPalo Alto
1/2 block north of University
SFSt. Paul's Presbyterian Church1399 43rd AvenueSan Francisco
Corner of 43rd Avenue and Judah Street
SJPSt. John's Presbyterian Church25 LakeSan Francisco
SMESt. Mark's Episcopal Church600 Colorado AvenuePalo Alto
1-1/2 blocks off Middlefield

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